The Department has highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty and committed supporting staff. They possesses strong links with industry and our industrial liaisons help development programmes.

Name of the Staff Designation E-mail
Sri. P.Venkat ReddyAssoc.
Sri.S.Govardhan ReddyAssoc.
Md. Abbas H. Abdy SayyedAssoc.
Ms. A. RamyaAsst.
Ms. M. SravanthiAsst.
Sri.K. Prakash CharyAsst.
Sri.K.Pavan KumarAsst. Prof. 
Sri.A.Siva KrishnaAsst.
Ms.Shreya GangulyAsst.
Sri.Govil AlokAsst. Prof. 
Sri. Sangeeth S SabuAsst.
Ms. E. Lakshmi PrasannaAsst. Prof. 
Ms. Sonam TantuvoyAsst.
Mr. Abhishek KamisettyAsst.
Sri. M. Guru PrasadAsst.
Ms. S. Hari PriyaAsst.
Mr. T.Ashok ReddyAsst. Prof. 
Mr. M. Gopi KrishnaAsst.
Mr. Shaik Khader Vali BabaAsst.
Mr. S.Hema SainadhAsst.
Mr. V. SV RamanjaneyuluAsst.
Abhijit SahaAsst.
Biswajit DalalAsst.
Roma DasAsst.
E. Sampath ReddyAsst.
G. KiranAsst.
P. KasaiahAsst.
A.N. RajuAsst.
A. SrinivasAsst.
Lolam ShekharAsst. Prof.