The first ever Women Technology Park (WTP) in the state of Telangana was sanctioned to SR Engineering College, Warangal by Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi. The objective of this park is to empower women in the region and make them financially self sustainable.

Women in the area have a limited scope of exposure to modern developments and technologies. The women technology park is an initiative to expose them to new approaches that would be relevant to stimulate economic growth and development on the basis of raising the productivity of women residing in the rural areas towards solving the identified problems mentioned below and empower women for sustainable income generation and improved livelihoods.

Weaving technologies

Metal Art Ware

Banana Fiber extraction

Construction and Habitat Services

Agro and Forest based Processing Technologies

The objective is to create awareness of the new technologies, instruments and appliances which are friendly to women in their day-to-day work besides giving them exposure for effective utilization of natural resources and technological solutions to problems faced by women by networking.