Srec Clubs

SREC clubs in a broad sense take up most student-focused extracurricular and programs on the campus with a little something that makes everyone to enjoy.

Each club is formed with faculty coordinator(s) and student teams to bring out the interest in them and others by providing a platform/opportunity to participate and excel. It helps the student community to develop Talents, Interests and Passion (TIP). The students do something productive on campus in free time, besides sharing their beer pong skills. They are encouraged to participate and win attractive prizes by showcasing their skills. It also teaches them practical skills and time management.


Students are inspired to showcase their talents

Students are provided opportunities to choose / allow them to make meaningful impact in their own development and in the community.

Students are made as natural leaders by themselves

Students are made skilled and motivated

Students are seen directing and inspiring others.

Students get involved in activities outside the classroom

Students challenge themselves to explore new things

Students develop a sense of connection and expand their network

Students are more satisfied with college experience while earning a degree