Library:The library functions from 8.00 am to 7.30 pm. A well-equipped digital library is a valuable addition that gives students access to a mine of information and knowledge.

The fully computerized Central Library of S R Engineering College is a treasure house of knowledge comprises ever growing collection of around 41,895 books; more than and 1,200 bound volumes of journals both national and international subscribed by the college over the years. The library has good collection of video lectures from eminent personalities of various IITs and these are made available to our users on Intranet through on dedicated server. Library also has developed collection of Dissertations, submitted by post graduate students (M.Tech. & Ph.D.) of this Institution. These design oriented and case study thesis are kept for reference for the next generation in both forms, print and e-version. E-version of the same is made available through digital library.

S R Engineering College Central Library has always been striving hard to meet the expectations of its users. There has been a long felt need to bring clarity and uniformity in procedures and practices of the library and resource centre so as to further improve its efficiency, utility and services.

The manual touches upon all important functional modules of the library and delineates a clear policy as to how the activities of the library like collection development, provision of information services, management of other academic support facilities.

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Library Manual:

Library manual is a source of information, a constitution which lists out all departments, sections and their functions, procedures and policies within the library. It is a source that library staff will consult whenever there is any confusion about any function or procedure. Lot of efforts go into the preparation of the manual. It goes through a series of meetings with all stake holders where the procedures and functions and policies are deliberated in detail, over and again to draft the final policy. Hence, a Library Manual goes through a validation process before it is finally accepted as a policy document.

Role of Library:

Library plays a very critical role in supporting the academic programmes of the institute. It identifies, evaluates, Procures, processes and then makes these learning resources available to the faculty and students for their teaching, learning and research assignments. That is why, Dr.S.R. Ranganathan, father of library Science development in India has famously said that the Library is the trinity of Learning Resources, Faculty/Students and the Library Staff.


To procure, process and disseminate the information to all the users of the library.

To help students and staff in their curriculum activities

To help the students in obtaining knowledge for their better future.

To help the students in obtaining knowledge for their better future.

To save the valuable time of all the users

S.No. Name of staff Designation
1 Mr. CH. Mahender Asst. Librarian
2 Mr. N. Vinay Kumar Library Asst.
3 Mr. V. Suresh Jun. Asst.
4 Mr. V Sathish Reddy Rec.Asst
5 Mr. Md. Rajak Jun. Asst
6 Mr. G. Sampath Book Binder

The function of the Library Advisory Committee is to support the functioning of the library so that it can facilitate the library development plans by advocating the library development activities with the management. The purpose of the Library Advisory Committee is to act as a channel of communication and dialogue between the Library and it users. The Committee’s main objective is to aid in the establishment a bridge between the Library and the academic fraternity and the institute management. The Library Advisory Committee (LAC) is to be appointed by the Principal of the Institution.


The suggested composition of this Committee is as follows:

Chairperson: Head of Department will be the chairperson.

Secretary: Librarian Shall be the Secretary of LAC.

Meeting Frequency:

The LAC would meet at least once in every quarter to review the library affairs.


The committee shall be reconstituted once in a years. Principal can recommend a replacement for a member who withdraws from the LAC. No member shall serve the Committee need to continue.


Meeting minutes shall be recorded and circulated to all members for consideration. In the next meeting, the minutes shall be confirmed by the members.

To provide general direction to the Library

To review the functioning of the library with regards to its support to the academic programmes of the institute

To advise the management on matters of policy relating to development of library

To outline the library collection development policy as and when required, for its implementation.

To monitor and evaluate, from time to time, trends and developments in information technologies, networking, library automation, library cooperation etc., and to direct the library in their adoption.

To formulate action plan for the development of library infrastructure, facilities, products and services.

Evaluate the suggestions made by the library users.

To formulate the policy for library use and procedure to be framed.

To assist library in providing need based information services.

To review the requirements of the new programmes being introduced and advise library about financial assistance.

Evaluating the books procurement school wise and allocation of budget accordingly.

Any other function as assigned by principal.

Title No of Books Count
NPTEL 10000 above Videos for all Dept
APSONET CD’S 376 (Lecture CD’s available)


The Book Bank facilities is provided to all SC students on producing of caste certificate issued by competent authority i.e. Tehsildar/SDM. One set of books as prescribed in syllabus will be issued to two students for semester subject to availability of books. Book Bank books issued are to be returned within 3 days of last paper of semester exam, otherwise fine will be imposed on late return of books as per library rules.


To motivate the students in their study, Central library started new facility to issue two extra books either from General section or Welfare section for full semester who achieved first three positions in the last examination held. They have to get position holder form from link download and fill it then get recommended from respective HOD and submit back to library.


The Central Library offers inter-library loan service to its users for the books not available in the Central Library. Library by procuring them from other libraries through DELNET services .Under the program, the photocopies of research articles are exchanged on requests amongst several libraries.


The Central Library offers inter-library loan service to its users for the books not available in the Central Library. Library by procuring them from other libraries through DELNET services .Under the program, the photocopies of research articles are exchanged on requests amongst several libraries.


In this section photo copy of library documents are provided to readers @ Re.1.00 per page.


OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) is available. One PC’s have been kept exclusively in Central Library for users to search the Library catalog and it is located the ground floor of the library

S.No. Title Useful Links
1 Science Direct Science Direct
3 Lecture Notes SONET CDs
4 NPTEL Videos Phase – I, Phase - II
5 IUCEE Webinars
6 e-Learning Materials
S.No. Title
1Journal on Civil Engineering
2IUP Journal of Structural Engineering
3Indian Concrete Journal
4Civil Engineering & Construction Review
5Indian Journal of Advanced Civil Engineering
6Indian Journal of Construction Engineering and Technology
7The IUP Journal of Information Technology
8The IUP Journal of Computer Sciences
9Journal on Computer Science (JCOM)
10Journal on Future Engineering & Technology (JFET)
11Indian Journal of Computer Science
12Journal of Software Project Management and Quality Assurance
13IUP Journal of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
15Journal on Electronics Engineering (JELE)
16IETE Journal of Education
17IETE Journal of Research
18IETE Technical Review
19Journal on Electrical Engineering
20Power Engineer Journal
21Indian Journal of Power and River Valley Development
22The Journal of CPRI
23IEEMA Journal
24Journal of Energy Storage and Conversion
25IUP Journal of English Studies
26IUP Journal of International Relations
27Journal on Mathematics(JMAT)
28Journal on English Language Teaching (JELT)
29Pramana Journal of Physics
30Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Sciences
31IUP Journal of Mechanical Engineering
32Indian Journal of Engineering & Material Science
33Journal on Material Science (JMS)
34Journal of Modern Manufacturing Technology
35Journal on Mechanical Engineering (JME)
36Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels
37International Journal of Computer Sciences, Systems Engineering and Information Technology
38International Journal of Information Technology and Database Systems (IJITDAS)
39International Journal of Neural Networks and Applications
40International Journal of Electronics Engineering
41International Journal of Electronics, Computing and Engineering Education
42International Journal of Electronics, Electrical and Communication Engineering
43International Journal of Electrical Energy Systems (IJEESS)
44International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Embedded Systems (IJEEE)
45International Journal of Electrical Engineering Systems Research
46Internatioal Journal of Advanced in Thermal Sciences and Engineering
47International Journal of Mechanical Engineering
48International Journal of Production and Quality Engineering (IJPQE)
49International Journal of Advances in Civil Engineering
50International Journal of Geotechnics and Environment
51International Journal of Civil Engineering and Construction Technology
52International Journal of Physics (IJPG)
53International Journal of Mathematics and Engineering with Compters (IJMAEC)
54International Journal of Environmental Pollution Control and Management (IJEPCM)
55Journal on Structural Engineering (JSTE)
56Journal of Manufacturing Engineering (JME)
57Indian Journal of Modern Production Engineering
58Indian Journal of Current Development in Manufacturing Science
59Indian Journal of Material Sciences and Technology
60Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering
61Journal of Analysis and Computation
62Journal on Software Engineering (JSE)
63Journal of Computer Science
64Indian Journal of Computer Networking & Modern Technique
65Journal on Communication Engineering & Systems (JCS)
66Journal on Digital Signal Processing (JDP)
67Journal on Circuits & Systems (JCIR)
68Advances in Eectronic Circuit, Devices & System
69Journal on Wireless Communication Networks (JWCN)
70Journal on Embedded Systems (JES)
71Indian Journal of Electronic Engineering and Communication Research
72Indian Journal of Embedded System in Engineering Research
73Indian Journal of Embedded and Microprocessor
74Indian Journal of Microelectronic & VLSI Design
75International Journal of Integrated Energy Systems
76International Journal of Highly Reliable Electronic Systems
77International Journal of Advances in Embedded Systems Research
78International Journal of Embedded Systems and Computer Engineering (IJESC)
79International Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology
80International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Systems
81International Journal of Advances in Software Engineering
82International Journal of Computer Engineering and Software Technology
83Journal on Management
84IUP Journal of Marketing Management
85IUP Journal of Business Strategy
86IUP Journal of Management Research
87IUP Journal of Operations Management
88IUP Journal of Organizational Behavior
89Entrepreneurship Development
90Case Folio
91Business today
92The Global Analyst
95Journal of Accounting & Finance
96Harvard Business Review
97Journal of Human Values
98Vision The Journal of Business Perspective
99Management and Labour Studies
100The Journal of Entrepreneurship
101International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Management Research
S.No. Name of staff Designation Role
1 Dr.G.V. Praveen Professor and HOD/CE Chairman
2 Mr.D. Raja Babu Assoc.Professor/EEE Convenor
3 Dr.E. Purushotham Asst.Professor/ H&Sc Member
4 Mr.Ch. Mahender Asst.Librarian Member
5 Mr.A. Jaya Prakash Asst.Professor/EEE Member
6 Mr.V. Devender Asst.Professor/ME Member
7 Mr.K. Raj Kumar Assoc.Professor/ECE Member
8 Mr.T. Kiran Kumar Asst.Professor/H&Sc Member
9 Ms.Rajya Laxmi Asst.Professor/MBA Member
S.No. Name Download
1 Apllication form

Membership Form

I, the undersigned would like to apply for the Library Membership as Faculty/Student. I hereby undertake the responsibility to abide by rules of the Library. In case of late return / loss or damage of any Library resources borrowed by me, I am willing to pay the required amount.