Workplace learning

The chance to experience the workforce while you're still studying is invaluable. We've got heaps of industry contacts and a wide range of internship, work placement and work-integrated learning programs, so you can get a head start in your field

Benefits of workplace learning

Getting the chance to work in industry while you’re still studying will help you to:

  • apply and consolidate knowledge gained in your course
  • gain credit towards your degree
  • bridge the gap between theory and practice in your field
  • experience workplace and industry culture
  • explore career options relevant to your discipline
  • develop professional work practices and networks
  • be work ready when you finish your studies
  • have an edge in the job-seeking market.

Types of workplace learning

SRIX is a work-experience program run by SREC which provides students with the opportunity to undertake professional work experience within the campus.

The skills and experiences you develop in a professional work environment are extremely important as you search for that future graduate role – so why not study and complete an internship at SREC?

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