A day in the life of an undergraduate student

Welcome to a day in the life of an undergraduate student at CSE @ SREC Campus.

Whether you’re joining us straight from school or college or you’ve taken time away from studying, SREC supports your transition to higher learning. As well as first-class academic disciplines, we offer a range of services and facilities to ensure a healthy study/life balance. Learn what it’s like to study at SREC by following an undergraduate student’s average day.

8.20am : Getting to campus

Most undergraduate students who study at the SREC Campus get to class by auto, bike, bus or car. There are plenty of transport options, even if you don’t live too close to campus.

Then again, you might decide to live on campus. The SREC Campus, like some of our other campuses, offers modern on-campus accommodation options. You can choose between a range of different accommodation styles, including a shared hostel for girl students.

9.30am : Learning in classes and seminars

Like most undergraduates, you probably have a few teaching sessions each day. These are divided between classes, where a lecturer talks in front of a large class, and seminars, where a smaller group of students learn in a less formal setting.

If you’re coming straight from school (and even if you’re not!) studying at SREC may not necessarily come naturally. What’s the best way to take notes? Would joining a study session be useful?

11.30am: Find mates in break time

Studying isn’t the only thing you can do on campus. You’ll find plenty of time to socialise before or after class, and joining a club or center is one of the best ways to quickly make like-minded new friends.

Not only can you make heaps of new friends by joining a club or center, it’s also a fun way to learn about things you’re already interested in.

12.40pm: Grab lunch with friends

Hungry after a busy morning? No worries. There’s a range of food options on all of canteen of SREC campuses where White Board members are ready to serve you.

3:30pm: Library learning

If you’re looking for a quiet place to study, the library’s your best bet. You can borrow books. It comes in handy if you’re putting together a portfolio of work for your course, or you need to put together an assignment.

4.00pm: Give the gym a workout

When you need a break from studying, keep healthy at sports room.

4.15pm: Buses starts for return journey

If you’re looking for returning back to your home/room/hostel you can catch bus at 4:15pm or at 5:00pm as per your requirement.

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