The Club is formed, developed, governed and administrated by the student & faculty representatives to encourage physical activities and sports. The aim is to bring together all the faculty and participate in Institutional-level and State-Level Sports.

Mission Statements :

The Sports club organizes Inter-collegiate Sports to provide leadership and recreation opportunities to the students and faculty in order to enhance their knowledge and skill in a specific sport of interest while at the same time retaining social, cognitive and physical experiences.

Goals of the sports club program :

To provide leadership experiences for the students body at State & National Level Competitions.

To provide recreational opportunities for the students retain their interest towards sports.

To maintain communication with the College officials to conducts sports and games much effectively in a scheduled way.

To develop sports skills and sportsman spirit.

Physical fitness, physiological and psychological abilities.

Moral ethics and social awareness.

Coordination and cooperation.

Leadership qualities and overall discipline

Inter departmental sports competitions for students, Indoor / Outdoor (Phase-I from 28th July to 5th August, 2017), (Phase-II from 23rd to 25th January, 2018)

Inter departmental sports competition for staff, Indoor / Outdoor (From 15th to 21st November, 2017)

16th SR Champions Trophy – 2018 (From 03rd to 09th January, 2018)

Participation of inter collegiate tournaments various games and sports. (KITS Trophy – 2018, (Volleyball) Between 27th to 28th January, 2018)

10th SR staff Champions Trophy – 2018 (From 11th February to 04th March, 2018)

Faculty Incharge(s):

1Dr. P. Srinivas9949279800
2Mr. Ritheesh Kumar7870247464
3Mr. P. Nagabrahmam9959724687

Student Members of the club:

1P. Pavan 
2M. Balachander 
3M. Suresh 
4U. Naveen