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Srinivasarao Pattur


Srinivasarao Pattur describes himself as a futurist, an innovator, a true educator from the heart and a critical thinker of design and life. He has a flair for seeking stimulating, challenging design projects and mentoring young designers. With 27 years of professional experience, he has now establishing the Centre for Design Innovation at SREC Warangal as its -Director.

As a design entrepreneur, he offers Design Thinking and Innovation services and creative direction to a range of industries involved in:

Industrial Design

Interaction Design

Identity/Branding & Packaging Design

Design Management & Strategy

Rural Development & Sustainable Design

As an educator, he grounds his design training in practice and experience and encourages independent thinking, unconventional practice and big ideas pursued with passion. He looks forward to collaborate with flexible, curious young minds to address the current social, political, environmental and human experience through design and innovation.

He finds god in observation and details and truly believes that ideas and inspiration come from anyone and anyplace and often from most unprecedented and unlikely places. One must be open to experiences to embrace them.