S.No. Name
1 Water Over Flow Level Controller without sensors
2 Anti Shock Hiking Walking Stick
3 Fiber water Purifier
4 Modified Municipal Cart
5 Multi Agri Machine based bike
6 Advanced Dust Bin
7 Low cost Air Cooler
8 Low cost room air cleaner
9 Multipurpose Agriculture Seeding Machine
10 Pollution Free Mask With Air Filters
11 Smart security (for lonely old people)
12 Gas leakage detection device
13 Child safety management
14 Artificial arm
15 She bracelet
16 Fuel level indicator
17 Vehicle based traffic control
18 Stress controlling machine
19 Pill alarm
20 Low cost room air filter
21 School bus safety app
22 Biometric based EVM
23 IoT based parking
24 Solar mobile charger
S.No. Name
1 Foot step power generation
2 Smart helmet (drunk and drive identification)
3 Automatic watering for home plants
4 Low cost hearing aid
5 Stick for blind
6 Wifi based irrigation system for farmers and home gardens
7 Gesture controlled wireless wheelchair prototype
8 Design of prototypic hand talk assistive technology for dumb persons
9 Bus detection system for blind people using RFID
S.No. Name
1 Bi-Litters (municipal garbage collector)
2 Self-supporting hand stick
3 Electric Jacket for women protection
4 GSM control of Home Appliances without Microcontroller
5 Bio-sand water Filter
6 Mitti cool Refrigerator
7 Bicycle Weeder