Ibm Achievements

SREC Achievements

The College received the top 50 participating award in IBM-TGMC 2013. The award is on the eve of IBM TGMC ceremony function at CMRIT Bangalore on

2010 RAD Certification Around 100 students n 4 faculty . 2011 DB2 Certification Around 76 students n 4 faculty. In short time, RAD and DB2 Certification program will run for the students. Lotus certification will run and a trainer from IBM will turn up to train faculty and students. In TGMC 2009 600+ students got registered to TGMC and SREC stood among top 30 college in India and 4 TGMC projects have attended face to face evaluation round and those 4 projects were considered as their main projects. In TGMC 2010, 450+ students got registered and again 4 projects have been selected for face to face round. With more enthusiasm, students of SREC are getting ready to work for IBM projects.

RAD Certification in 2010 and around 100 students and faculty got certified. DB2 Certification in July 2011 and 80 students and 4 faculty were certified. TGMC Presence.

Students Achievements

4 teams were selected for face to face round in TGMC 2010 organized as Keshava Memorial Institute of Technology, Hyderabad.

2 teams were selected for face to face round in TGMC 2011 organized at Jayamukhi College of engineering, Warangal.

Kind ofprojects submitted

Save her from cancer

Smart City

Manage group of hotels

Patient Billing Software