Machine tools & Metrology Laboratory

The machine shop is well equipped with all kinds of Machines and Metrology equipment for learning about various machining processes and measuring procedures.

In this lab students will operate lathe, milling machines, drill press, grinding machines etc. A student can learn from lathe machine how to produce cylindrical surfaces and plane surfaces, at right angles to the axis of rotation, how to prepare a spur gear by universal milling machines etc.,

In this machine’s lab, students can gain the knowledge in understanding of various mechanisms like Whit worth quick return mechanism, Rack and pinion mechanism, Half-nut mechanism, Screw nut mechanisms etc.

In this lab students will calculate the machining times for all machine tools.

In Metrology lab, students will measure the Linear and angular dimensions with various instruments like Vernier Caliper, Micrometer, Bevel Protractor, Sine bar with slip gauges and gear tooth vernier caliper etc.

Students will examine the limits, fits and tolerances of various parts in automobile assembly.


Laboratory In-Charge

S.No. Name of the Equipment & Specification
1 Master Model SONA Bed Length 4 1/2' Precision Grade-I accuracy Lathe Machines with Accessories
1. Motor & Switch
2. 160 mm X 3 Jaw true check
3. 200 mm X 4 Jaw Dog check
4. Check Plate
5.Motarized Coolant pump.
6.Paper turning Attachment
2 1)Master Surface Grinder. Size 18"X6"
2)Magnet Chuck
3)Diamond Dresser
3 Unittech All Geared Lathe Machine 1340 with accessories
4 Master 6" Slotting Machine
5 Master 8" Tool and Cutter Grinder with accessories.
6 SMTR-2" Autofeed Radial Drilling Machine with accessories.
7 SAGAR / RAMAN Shaping Machine All geared model hevy duty capacity 18" stroke 2 H.P. 1440 RPM Electrical motor DOL starter 'V' belt. (Tool box kit)
8 SURAJ" UNIVERSAL MILLING MACHINE: Indian make "Master" model "Suraj" (Gujarat Make) supplied with Motorisation attachment, motor pulley, suitable AC/3 PH electric motor and starter. MODEL: SM-II
9 Cylindrical Grinder Machine
10 Planing Machine