Innovative Teaching Pedagogies & Faculty Certifications

The faculty members are trained to improve the quality of teaching and to bring innovations in the teaching-learning program.

List of faculty trained and certified by IUCEE International Engineering Educator Program Certificate:
S.No. Name of the Faculty
1 Dr. V Mahesh
2 Dr. P Sammaiah
3 Mr. P Satish Kumar
4 Dr. N Praveena Devi
5 Mr. CH. Vinay Kumar Reddy
6 Dr. Pankaj Kumar
Innovations in Teaching and Learning

Innovations by the Faculty in teaching and learning shall be summarized as per the following description.

Contributions to teaching and learning are activities that contribute to the improvement of student learning. These activities may include innovations not limited to, use of ICT, instruction delivery, instructional methods, assessment, evaluation and inclusive class rooms that lead to effective.

Efficient and engaging instruction. Any contributions to teaching and learning should satisfy the following criteria:

The department/institution may set up appropriate processes for making the contributions available to the public, getting them reviewed and for rewarding. These may typically include statement of clear goals, adequate preparation, use of appropriate methods, significance of results, effective presentation and reflective critique.

Instructional methods for teaching students:
Assessment Methods
Evaluation Methods
Subject Name Topic Name Activity URL
Mechanics of solids Problems on Shear Force and Bending moment Group writing Assignments
slope, deflection and radius of curvature JIGSAW
Mechanics of fluids hydraulics machinery Measurement of Pressure Think pair share
Thermo dynamics Energy Transfer Think Aloud Pair Problem Solving (TAPPS)
Heat transfer Problems on Composite wall, Coaxial cylinder and spheres. Think-Pair-Share
Operations Research Formulating Linear Programming models, Solution concepts Reciprocal Teaching