The goal of the WIC program is to promote the entrepreneurial spirit through a great exposure to innovative challenges in a competitive, multidisciplinary, team-based, creative environment where the students take on one challenge and one team is chosen as the winner. Just as people are encouraged to exercise everyday to keep the body fit, the WIC is designed to keep the mind fit. It’s a mind workout. It puts students in a real life situation involving collaborative and investigative learning, community exploration, and innovation. Participants exercise a frugal, flexible, and feisty approach to problem solving like Gene Kranz of Apollo 13. Such an approach is a key to successful start-up and innovation. The aim of the WIC is that, the participants entering the challenge are able to exercise their creative side, work in interdisciplinary teams, and experience the team dynamics. They tackle a novel situation under intense competitive time pressure, while networking with other students outside their disciplines and most importantly fine-tuning their entrepreneurial skills.

Idea Generation is the foundation of the process of discovering new sustainable business opportunities. New ideas often arise from simple questions like ‘What is this?’, ‘What is it for?’, ‘What could it be for?’, questioning the basic uses of utensils we use in everyday life and common customs and rules opens up space for many new opportunities. Therefore, looking at things from a different angle is the first step to innovate and invent new solutions. This activity aims to boost participant’s creativity and help them to develop creative ideas that make a difference.

Tinker Camp is SREC’s premier camp for engineering and management students. We know that discovery and experimentation includes making mistakes, but so often trial and error isn’t a part of our modern classroom. Tinker Camp help students find the joy in success and failure, and hopefully in the process, create a life-long love for problem solving and experimentation in every tinker.

Campers choose from different engineering disciplines and work closely with facilitators as they complete a hands-on project. The camp lets students explore the different engineering disciplines and campers also get an up-close view of SREC and engineering facilities. Students get to see how engineering play an essential role in improving the human condition.

Faculty, innovators, industrial designers, practicing engineers and entrepreneurs will be available during the camp to mentor students.

To create awareness among faculty and students about various facets of entrepreneurship as an alternative career option and to highlight the merits of pursing such as an option. The following are the objectives of entrepreneurship awareness camps.

To create the awareness among the students about Entrepreneurship.

To identify potential entrepreneurs among the students of the Institute and to create a platform for them to emerge as successful entrepreneurs.

To identify new business opportunities in the various fields.

To interact with successful Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship speaker series enhances the flavour of engineering education by bringing technology visionaries in direct contact with students and practitioners. The goal of the speaker series is to influence the eco-system by bringing role models and also educate about the charms and challenges in realizing break-through innovations.

Monthly Webinar on Entrepreneurship brings students in direct contact with international experts. The experts provide personalized coaching to students by talking about the project ideas, pitching techniques, and business plan development.

The conference aims to open an essential window of opportunity for an intellectual dialog between engineering educators, researchers, and practitioners to change the paradigm of engineering education - how to cultivate the entrepreneurial mindset in the next generation engineers.

The twenty-first century is ushering in a new era of product development, one that calls for engineers to be entrepreneurs in developing innovative products. In this era, innovations will occur at a faster rate than ever before, and will be the handiwork of technical entrepreneurs. To be competitive, the next generation engineers should be trained in developing innovative products in an entrepreneurial environment. This requires a fundamental shift in the current teaching paradigms. To this end, the conference provides a forum for discussing teaching innovations including the development of entrepreneurial mindset, pedagogies, case studies, appropriate use of technology, and assessment.

Addressing this emerging need for next generation education, SR Engineering College has taken the initiative in organizing an International Conference on Entrepreneurship every year since 2014.

Women Technology Park sponsored by Department of Science and Technology envisions upliftment of rural women by providing them job-oriented training programmes. It is the first Women Technology Park in the state of Telangana, sanctioned to SR engineering college.

The programmes offered by this Park include training in weaving technologies, banana fibre extraction, metal craft, construction and habitat technologies and so on. The college management has constructed a 4,000 sq ft. building where the training programmes are being conducted

The College is also sensitizing the student community on its social obligations and the need to exploit engineering and technology to social empowerment and development.