The first spell Induction programme was brought in with a view to uplift the level of the entrants to an elevated stage, promote all-round development and exposing learners’ stigmas to minimize and to maximize their learning. Learners come with diverse thoughts, backgrounds & perceptions. Hence it becomes important to help them adjust to the new environment & inculcate the ethos of the institution with a sense of larger purpose. That is where the lacuna lies which demands a program dynamic enough to address the issue. S R EC has organized a Three days induction programme with an objective to provide ample of time and a platform for the transition of students from school to the hard-core engineering.

Induction programme has been proved to be a fun mingled educational activity of adapting motivation and recourse to their procrastinated educational goals. The interaction with the induction programme equipped entrants not only with the boost to their educational pursuits but also with the work-culture, industrial exposure, social experiences, and various institutional activities. The Induction Programme was followed by orientation programme on 18July, 2018. The students with their great enthusiasm reported and registered themselves at the college. Orientation programme aimed to enhance students’ familiarity with the faculties, S R EC Campus, its facilities and Objectives of the institution. With a fresh exposure of the induction programme, the students were exposed to the milieu of the institution with zeal and enthusiasm. To make the students feel comfortable in new environment, open them up, set a healthy daily routine, create bonding in the batch as well as between faculty and students, develop awareness, sensitivity and understanding of the self & society. The committee members decided to involve expert lectures on various sub-themes including Universal Human Values, Proficiency Modules, Lectures by Department HOD's and Motivational Talks.


. Entrants were able to display confidence and successful transition into a new academic environment.

Entrants were able to establish positive acquaintance with their peers, faculties, and institute aswhole.

Entrants were able to attach moral values and behaviors with the practices of the institutionalactivities. Self-analysis and introspection was positively bridged for their academic needs.

Entrants were able to get convinced to structured and collaborative learning platform.

Entrants were able to project exemplary performance in activities designed during inductionprogramme.

With the cooperation of the students and the faculty members the Induction programme was able to record the feedbacks of the students in Expert talks. The total involvement of deputed Faculties actively engrossed in various responsibilities of induction programme that facilitated to motivate the entrants to stir like a sugar in water of institutional activities. Students are made aware about multidisciplinary areas and their developments and developed ability to transcend from subjective knowledge to the application of subject in real life situations.