Electronics & Communication Engineering


Innovations in Teaching and Learning

The key role of a teacher is to teach, which can be understood as meaning to facilitate learning of some target curriculum. Teaching is therefore intimately tied to notions of learning and there is a sense that if students do not learn then whatever the teacher is doing does not deserve the label of ‘teaching’. The use of innovative methods in educational institutions has the potential not only to improve education, but also to empower people, strengthen governance and galvanize the effort to achieve the human development goals for the country.

The Teaching and learning activity and information shared to students may typically include statement of clear goals, adequate preparation, use of appropriate methods, and significance of results, effective presentation and reflective critique.

Engineering students of different branches learn many theory subjects and perform labs as per curriculum.

Traditional Teaching Method: In the pre-technology education context the teacher is the sender, the educational material is the information and the student is the receiver of the information. Traditional teaching method has been used for decades as an educational strategy in all institutions of learning. Basically teacher controls the instructional process, the content is delivered to the entire class and the teacher tends to emphasize factual knowledge.

Following innovative learning methods are initiated and implemented by the faculty for students to learn in a better manner: