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A Four Day Training Session on


Event Date:22nd to 25th February, 2018
Delivered By:Mr. Pradhan, Embedded Systems Engineer, Gill Instruments Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore.
Organised By:Department of ECE.
Embedded Systems Workshop mainly focuses on the students eager to learn about Advance features of AVR Microcontroller. They will get a chance to expand their knowledge in interfacing external advance peripherals like Matrix Keypad, LCD Display, Seven Segment Display and their application in real time projects.
The duration of this workshop will be two consecutive days with eight hours session each day, in a total of sixteen hours properly divided into theory and hand on practical sessions. At the end of this workshop a competition will be organized among the participating students where each participating student will get Certificate of Participation and the Winners will get Certificate of Merit.

A five day training on


Event Date:19th to 23rd February, 2018
Delivered By:Mr. Balaji, LabView, Application Developer, Banglore.
Organised By:Department of ECE.
Every student admitted into B.tech program is supposed to complete at least one certification to satisfy the academic requirements. Students can acquire these certifications if offered in the college or from other sources.

A Four Day Training Session on


Event Date:8th to 11th January, 2018
Delivered By: Mr. Atif Shah
Organised By:Department of ECE.
To help you get hold of the Embedded Systems Technology, here the department suggesting some of the Embedded Systems Workshops that you can undergo to get skilled.
Automation is a technology which is being widely implemented to control all the electrical appliances automatically/ remotely, saving energy and human effort. By doing this workshop you will build a system that connects the electrical appliances with Bluetooth and can be controlled via mobile App. You can also program the 8051 microcontroller to switch ON/ OFF the appliances automatically based on the user needs.
It will be an ideal course if you are pursuing 2nd or 3rd year engineering where you will begin to learn about the microcontrollers and automation technologies. The students will work with the following components to build the Home Automation Project, Microcontroller - It acts as the brain of the system and controls the process Bluetooth Module - It is used to connect the system to the mobile via an Android App, Relay Drivers - It will be used to convert and provide the necessary voltage to operate the electrical appliances.