How SREC Is Helping Students To Secure A Life After Engineering?

The engineering wave in India is huge and reaches new distance whenever it flows towards the shore. We know that sea waves are formed by the wind; which forms its way across the water surface. Similarly, new technologies and inventions are welcoming the new generation engineers to construct the future world. In response, many aspirants around the country are passionately involved themselves in engineering practices to face the challenges and prove their abilities on the work floor.

Colleges are the basic building block of an engineering student, and we know it's importance. Just to make fragment for the career path; parents of students put a whole lot of effort to collect the information about the top colleges and spend lakhs together to get an engineering seat for their child. But the effort pays back only when a student is happy with the college environment and confident about the journey ahead. So, the standard faculty and placement opportunity are not enough to categories the college in the top list, but the formal approach to the study circle and platform for students to work on their interest is what makes difference in an engineering college.

SREC has been instrumental to help students to pursue the engineering degree in different specializations based on their interest. The friendly approach to studies is quite natural in a college ambiance, so you don’t see students stressed over internals or exams; instead, you will get to see balanced lifestyle and straightforwardness to the academics. The regular programs are conducted in a timely manner to focus on different skills, activities and initiative assets to keep the students active throughout the semester. Eventually, it helps students to give enough time to improve on different levels of learning.

We SREC is located in Warangal, of Telangana state, bring the upfront engineering education system to introduce the new faces to the world of engineers. The college brings strong history background of quality education over the years, and we are just taking its visions to the next level year by year. We believe that success relies upon the stem of our roots, hence the career of a student will emulate the same for the better future. Contact us today at 35408950 to know more about the ongoing admissions and the details you required.