Make in SREC

Makein SREC is the echo of infinite innovative ideas framed to restructure the destiny of this region or nation by joining hands with the nation’s agenda of creating an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. With "Make in India", "Start Up India", "Stand Up India" as the driving power, the journey of Make in SREC in accelerating the entrepreneurial skill set and positioning Entrepreneurship as an optional career among students and unemployed youth. This unique body strives for the revolutionary evolution of entrepreneurial thinking through the envisioned entrepreneurial ecosystem. Every action of it aims at the profound development of enterprising persona of the society. To be precise, "At Make in SREC, we Inspire minds to innovate and establish startups".

Makein SREC is SREC’s largest student organization. With over hundred active members, we are recognized as the best student entrepreneurs club in the region by Stumagz, a premier online student platform.