Technology Business Incubator-SRiX

We nurture start-up ideas and technology innovations from their idea stage, provide the resources required to build products and find customer acceptance. We also support the start-ups to gear for growth through access to global partners and investors.

SRiX brings entrepreneurs, mentors, researchers, and academicians together to create an inspiring ecosystem to transform ideas into actions. The deep interaction between the theory and practice of entrepreneurship brings the best out of both, creating unique synergies.

SRiX intends to be an active catalyst for the growth of Telangana’s startup eco-system. We are an open incubator that welcomes entrepreneurs from all over the country.

Be a part of our network to participate in stimulating conversations, innovative thinking, and forward-looking start-ups. Together, let us ignite the spark of new ideas and ventures.

SR Engineering College

AnanthaSagar (V), Hasanparthy (M),

Warangal, Telangana - 506371

+ 91  9985651472

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