Online Certification Courses attended by the Faculty 2018-2019

S.No. Faculty Department Course Offered by Duration
1 K.Ramsha EEE eCAR2X: Electric Cars: Technology Edx 4 Weeks
2 K.Santhosh Kumar ME A691x:Product Design: The Delft Design Approach Edx 4 Weeks
3 S.Naresh Kumar CSE Convolutional Neural Networks Coursera 4 Weeks (19th Nov-17th Dec-2018)
4 A.V.V.Sudhakar EEE Solar Energy Edx 4 Weeks
5 G.Madhuri ECE Cognition, Transformation and Lives NPTEL 4 Weeks (Aug-sept. 2018)
6 Dr.D.Kothanda Raman CSE Machine Learning Coursera 4 Weeks
7 G.Madhuri ECE Basics of Software defined Radio and Practical Applications NPTEL 4 Weeks (Mar-19)
8 A.Rajeshwar Rao ECE Introduction and Programming with IoT boards Coursera 14/06/2019
9 V.Thirupathi CSE Programming with colud IoT Platforms Coursera 14/06/2019
10 Leo Joseph ECE Advanced IoT Applications NPTEL 8 Weeks (Jan-March 2019)
11 G Sunil Reddy CSE Compiler Design NPTEL 12 Weeks (Jan-April 2019)
12 G Sunil Reddy CSE Introduction to Automata, Languages and Computation NPTEL 12 Weeks (Jan-April 2019)
13 M.Rajesh CSE Big Data Computing NPTEL 8 Weeks (Feb- April 2019)
14 K. Ravichythanya CSE Kotlin for Java Developers Coursera 4 Weeks (June-July 2019)
15 P.Anuradha ECE Introduction and Programming with IoT boards Coursera 5 Weeks (14/6/2019)

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