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    Santhosh Kumar K
    Centre for Design
    Assistant Professor

    Santhosh Kumar Kamarapu is an Enthusiastic product designer and educator. He holds a Masters of technology (Industrial Engineering) from NIT Tiruchirappalli, after graduation in Mechanical engineering. He works on exploring design philosophies, intricate research methodologies and Design strategies. He has a great inclination towards innovative product design, frugal innovations and sustainable design. He has a great belief in design interventions for a social well-being.

    Santhosh, has experimented, embraced and applied multiple creative teaching methodologies during his 4years of teaching for various design courses. He Worked as Senior Engineer in WEG India. During his tenure he worked for and developed many suppliers, as required for the manufacturing industry. He has performed various user research, market research and study out of interest in Design Thinking.

    He was recognized and certified from various design bodies like IUCEE and TU Delft Universityin Design Thinking.

    He has organized and attended various design related events in the campus. He is very enthusiastic learner, thinker and traveler.

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    V S Sesha sai Jayanth G
    Assistant Professor

    Asst. Prof. V S Sesha Sai Jayanth G, is a post-graduate in Product Design from prestigious Maeer’s MIT Institute of Design and a graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from JNTUK.He considers himself a multidisciplinary designer and is always ready to learn and improve himself. He believes that Design is the direction to drive technology and the only way to improve the future.

    From his formative years, he has been fascinated by beauty, art and applied sciences. As he grew up, he could see patterns common to all his interests. After a brief attempt at civil services examination, and a consequent realisation, He found his passion towards design, and joined MIT Institute of Design, where he was sensitised to all the aspects of Design.

    During his post-graduation, he has interned with Lohman Castings, an alloy manufacturing company, and ITC Agri Business Division and has worked on redesigning Cumin Seeder and Polyhouse, where he gained much needed empathetic skills and user research skills.

    Before joining S R Engineering College, he was freelancing, during which he has worked with medium and small scale companies as a Design consultant. He is excited about being involved in developing design pedagogy, and being an active part of the Innovation and Design Thinking wave that is currently upon us.

    He is an excellent team player with an eye for detail.He likes to spend his free time with sketching, photography, writing, lateral thinking, dance, listening to music. He is an enthusiastic and an avid traveller and loves to explore new places.

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    Sr.Assistant Professor.

    An Electrical & Electronics Engineer who believes that creativity and innovation comes from common sense and empathy towards the societal needs. A teacher who is an eternal learner dedicated towards transferring the knowledge based on the changing needs. She believes in teaching Design Process to the students through experiential learning by involving the elements needed for designing a meaningful product while instilling the required traits into her students. She not only carries the expertise required for molding the mediocre students into innovative thinkers but also has the certifications like Engineering Educator certificate (IUCEE- IGIP), Microsoft Educator Certification and Certification in Design thinking to name a few.

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    Govil Alok
    Assistant Professor

    Govil Alok is the founder and principal designer of Bodhiwruksh Design Consultants. He has been acclaimed by many Degrees and Certifications from Bachelors in Civil Engineering to Bachelors in Law, Post Graduation Diplomas in various fields like Urban Planning, Disaster Management, Rural Development, Environmental & Sustainable Engineering and more. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer and a Member of IEI. He is an Enthusiastic and Engaging Educator with an exceptional work ethics. He is Growth Minded collaborator who will innovate & motivate within a structured cross-curricular and positive learning environment. He is Flexible and Resourceful with expertise in smoothly adapting to the changing trends in catering the student needs.

    Mr. Alok leads his team from ideation to execution while maintaining his long formed relationships with various designers, artists, builders and vendors. His designs incorporate unique pieces, including custom furnishings and arts that’s created along with his team and his friends who are fabricators and artists. His versatility brought many accolades in his career. He acted as a Project Coordinator for a Prestigious Project sanctioned by Department of Science and Technology under the Domain of Empowerment of Women in Construction Industry. He has published over 10+ International Papers and have presented more than 50 Papers at various levels. He has organized and coordinated many Product exhibitions within the campus and have been a vital asset to provide the real time practical field knowledge to students by providing various field visits and practice user research.

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    Dharna Sai Shashank
    Assistant Professor

    Mr. Dharna Sai Shashank is a professional artist and Art Teacher. He holds Master degree in Fine Arts (MFA)with specialization in Painting at Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad.He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) with specialization in Print Making at PottiSreeRamulu Telugu University, Hyderabad.

    Sai Shashank Dharna observes a strong affiliation of man and machine(Machine Aesthetics) and its inevitable glorification in the post-modern era in shaping up lives. With a clever use of discarded circuit boards and fine rendering of vintage machinery, he executes paintings and installations, which accentuate importance of science and its utility.

    He exhibited a solo show “A LIVING MACHINES” in Hyderabad at The Gallery Café, Banjara Hills in 2017. He also exhibited many Group showsamong which “Digital Dialects” at The Krishnakriti Arts and Culture Festival, Hyderabad was significant.He has delivered an extravagant contribution in nationwide group shows. Some of them are shows in Lalit Kala Academy, Regional Center, 87th Annual all India art Exhibition, AIFCS, and in various cities like Lucknow, New Delhi,Mumbai.

    He collaborated with the diverse finest artists across the globe in variousNational and International Camps. He explored and created many relishing art works around the theme “Man and machines”. In 2016, he was welcomed by the heritage jail museum camp at old district jail in sangareddy, where he exhibited his harmonious skills on painting by depicting the history of crime and punishments ranging in time.Apart from this the following organizations also invited him to enrich their camping event. Symphony of Color’s,Celebration of Telangana Art Festivalorganized by Hyderabad Art Society, State gallery of Arts Madhapur,ST+ART Hyderabadcoordinatedby Telangana State Govt &Kalakriti Art Gallery.

    He was recognized by State gallery of Arts Madhapur in 2011 and was honoured with a State level Award for his works in print making.

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    Rakesh Dube

    Rahul Jetti
    Assistant Professor

    Asst. Prof. Rahul Jetti, is a post-graduate in Product Design from IIITDM Jabalpur and a graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the same institute. He has proven to be good at designing elements which involves many other disciplines including technological aspects. He believes in the words of great designer Massimo Vignelli “If you can design one thing, you can design everything”.

    Through his formative years he has grown interested in Human anatomy, the possibilities of life, life styles and the factors affecting them. As he grew up, he found “Design” to be the path which can define and improve life and directs the technology. During his post-graduation, he was majorly into Product design and teaching and interned as a Product designer at Vigyan Ashram, a centre of IIE, where he understood the manufacturing possibilities and design limitations at small scale production level. His interests got evolved from being Product designer to a Product Experience Designer during his thesis work when he worked on Bedaghat Boating Experience.

    He joined SR engineering just after completing his Master’s course work. He currently plays a vital role in the courses like Foundations to Product design, Product Design Studio, etc. He likes to spend his free time with CAD modelling, writing, situational analysis. He is very much into watching Animation videos, Comics and reading novels.

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    Rakesh Dube


    An Industrial Designer who loves to work on design related to futuristic technologies. His fields of interest varies right from mimicking nature's beauty in his designs to working on dynamic forms and functionality, he aims at keeping the contemporary inventions simple, fun, easy and intuitive to interact with.

    He pursued his Masters in Design from IIITDM,Jabalpur(2016-18), where he worked on Industrial, Automobile and Visceral design.

    He did his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from QIS college of Engineering and technology, from Ongole.

    He is obsessed with Forms, Sculptural Design and Industrial Design. In his small but varied career as a Designer, he bagged a few valued opportunities to prove his mettel.

    He is trained at prestigious IDC IIT Bombay for Design Methods for Creativity and Innovation (DMCI), Government of Bharat approved course, GIAN in the year 2018.

    He has Re-Designed Bicycle parking stand for IIT Delhi Campus in the year 2017 (Summer Internship Project).

    He worked on a live project as Automotive Clay Modeller for Xemotive energy Pvt.Ltd in the year 2017 ( Electric Automotive Start-up, Newdelhi).