Centre for Design Courses

FPD (Foundation Product Design)

Foundations to Product Design are an impelling course which infuses cognitive and methodical approach to solve problems. It is an equisite assortment of creative and practical thinking leading towards green innovation. This course enables students to generate ideas, explore possibilities by lateral thinking, challenging complexities and hyper turbulence in synthesizing an idea into an efficacious product or commercialization.

It is one of the courses introduced to all engineering students. The course improves their abilities to understand the needs of the users, think creatively, communicate effectively through verbal as well visual tools, and build working prototypes.

PDS (Product Design Studio)

Product Design Studio is one of the courses introduced at a primary level to all engineering aspirants in First year. The course enables them to improve their abilities in various dimensions.

It aims at enabling Design thinking process and prototyping skills using practice based approach –both in thought process & hands – on working.

Students should be able to apply Design thinking methodology on their future projects.

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