Make ‘n’ Market

How many times have you had an idea, but not a clue what to do with it? How many of those ideas might have been the key that the world needed? No one is born without a dream. But everyone isn’t fortunate enough to complete their dreams, due to myriad reasons. Being a part of a country with extraordinarily talented minds, it’s only of some use if they are directed in the right path. You live in a world where opportunities are rarely offered. “Don’t wait for an opportunity Grab it or create your own” If you have a dream then you should do everything to carve it into reality. Make in SREC is here with one such opportunity for all young inspiring and upcoming minds which will be the future of the world “Make 'n' Market”.

Make 'n' Market have been a gateway for thousands of minds to an entrepreneurial experience not only for SREC but also for the minds from the other colleges. All the teams participating in Make 'n' Market are funded with seed capital. Make 'n' Market give the innovative students a chance to convert their creative ideas into a reality product which is to be sold before the day of Make 'n' Market Exhibition Day or Demo Day. Make 'n' Market intend to encourage the students in their new creations, make them learn marketing skills with proper time management and resource utilization.

Form a Team

Ideate a Technical Product

Collect the Seed Capital of Rs.500 from us

Build the Product

Sell it, Make Money

Share your Experiences