Hello everyone, I am Nithin Kumar Pudota currently pursuing my MS from University of Massachusetts in United States of America. I am the alumni of SREC graduated from Computer Science in 2018. One great thing I and my team did was COLLABORATORY FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION(EPICS) Course. We explored lot of things through this project by communicating with several people in the society and knowing their problems. As Engineering Students I wish everybody to use their technical skills for solving problems in society with very low costs and prove that we are real Engineers.

Nithin Kumar P

(2014-18 Batch)

I am glad to share my experience for working in EPICS. This course is the great platform for Engineering students in order to enhance their creativity and imagination by designing, developing and delivering the product for selected community. This will also helps the students to improve their skills of interaction with different people in different communities. EPICS course helped me to know about the problems in the society and how we deal with the people and their problems in the society. By undergoing few surveys and by taking the inputs from them we have developed a product called "UREA DETECTION IN MILK" which will help us to detect the purity of milk.


(2015-19 Batch)


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