To be a national leader in designing and implementing scalable creative high-impact solutions to the local problems through professional partnerships

Courses Offered

Design for Social Impact-I (DSI-I)

In this course students will get familiar with the design process and build up a cooperation instead of single to get more advantages in the structure procedure. The primary goal of this course is ethnographic investigation which implies perceiving the issues in the general public by sharp perception and by utilizing indicated philosophy.Students will collaborate with NGOs to identify the real problems of the community.

Design for Social Impact-II (DSI-II)

In this course, students will complete the detail design of the product; physical and functional decomposition, product architecture and implementation. Once the product is designed, students will perform the validation test in the laboratory and user test at the user premises. Considering the user feedback, modifications will be done if necessary and then students will disseminate/deliver the product to the community partner.

Design for Social Impact-III (DSI-III)

In this course students will dissect the market and understand the startup models in the network and will be urged to begin a startup which will be useful in solving the various sort of societal issues.. The students will be given a responsibility of mentoring juniors.

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