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SREC enables faculty to work to their full potential by providing facilities for research which in turn enrich their teaching. SREC provides an environment conducive for research where faculty and students continuously update their knowledge. Several research projects are in progress which are funded by DST, AICTE and UGC. A Women Technology Park, the first of its kind in the Telangana State has been sanctioned by DST. 25 research projects sanctioned by DST and UGC, in which 17 are major projects and 8 are minor projects. Researchers have successfully completed 17 major and minor research projects and are currently working on 8 major projects.



  • Two Day Workshop

    A two days workshop on "Approach towards Developing Intelligent Devices for Detecting Diseases by Millennial Engineers in Medicine

    Agency ICMR

    CoordinatorDr. R.Arulmurugan

  • Two weeks FDP

    Entrepreneurship Faculty DevelopmentProgrammes

    Agency NIMAT-DST

    CoordinatorDr. R.Arulmurugan

  • Two Day National Workshop

    Research Issues, Future Trends and Patentable Areas in Cloud Computing

    Agency DST

    Coordinator Dr.R.Vijaya Prakash

  • Two Day National Workshop

    Nurturing Engineering Education through Cognitive Science

    Agency DST

    CoordinatorDr.Raja Shekar.P.V.

  • Two Day International Conference

    International Conference on Recent Trends in Electronics Electrical and Computing Technologies (ICRTEECT - 2017)

    Agency SERB-DST

    CoordinatorDr. Syed Musthak Ahmed

  • Three Day Workshop

    An Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC)

    Agency NIMAT-DST

    CoordinatorDr. R.Arulmurugan

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