Training and Internship

The center is involved in imparting training and internships to enhance the teaching skills and research aptitude among trainees and interns.

Teacher Training Program :Teacher Empowerment through Cognition, is a teacher training program where our team of faculty visit various nearby schools in Warangal to mentor teachers to strengthen their current pedagogical practices and tools, particularly related to educational technology, using theories of learning and cognition.

Guest Lectures : Interdisciplinary experts in the field visit the campus and share their knowledge in the form of lectures to broaden the knowledge of students and faculty.

Lecture Series :Weekly lecture series on various interdisciplinary topics are delivered by core faculty of the center.

Awareness Program : Undergraduate engineering students are exposed to LEGO programmable blocks. Students prepare 3D-models to explore and assess their visuo-spatial abilities

Internship Program :The internship program attracts exceptional students across the departments to spend a summer at the center. The intern program aids in integrating the theory and practice. The participants benefit by participating in the professional development programs conducted in the center and they are equipped with skills of developing a scholarly work - research paper, patent or product - requiring innovation and technical skills.

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