Courses Offered

The center offers Four courses (Activity-based) under Cognitive Science Track as an open elective to undergraduate (B.Tech. & IMBA) students. These courses foster the following outcomes::

Apply cognitive science concepts and theories to individual, social, cultural, engineering and management issues

Apply critical and creative thinking to understand human behavior, conceive innovative concepts, evaluate different scenarios, interpret results, and make informed decisions

Apply critical and creative thinking to organizational management, strategic decision-making and entrepreneurial mindset

Identify the customer's/user's needs, abilities, expectations etc. in product design

Evaluate the usability and experience of existing artifacts and systems from a cognitive perspective and identify areas of improvement

Understand the impact of design decisions for its users in terms of perception, acceptance, ease of use, and emotional attachment

Foundations to Cognitive Science


Appreciate the multidisciplinary nature of cognitive science

Recognize the different cognitive processes and phenomena in this field

Explore the impact of the knowledge categorization on the design process

Discover the influence of cognitive biases on the thought process

Understand the cognitive aspects of problem solving and decision making processes

Design Cognition


Understand the different fronts at the interface between cognitive science and design/entrepreneurship

Identify user’s needs, abilities, expectations etc. in design from a cognitive perspective

Explore the importance and role of analogical thinking and mental models in daily life

Understand the role of different cognitive tools in the design process Realize the significance of cognition in the field of interaction design

Cognitive Management


Identify and structure new opportunities based on cognitive insights

Apply the effectuation theory for the development of entrepreneurial ideas

Motivate team members to contribute to overall success of the team or organization

Understand and apply emotional intelligence strategies for everyday situations

Explore the cognitive principles behind leadership and organizational management



Understand the importance of psychology and the biological basis for human behavior

Realize the various factors that influence personality and its development

Explore the influence of socio and cultural differences on human behavior

Understand organizational behavior and the effect of motivation on goals

Explore the levels of employee participation as well as deal with workplace stress

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