Out Reach Programs

The center conducts educational outreach programs for the students at SREC and the local community. Currently, the center engages in five main outreach activities on a regular basis.

Workshops :To enhance the understanding of the students about how cognitive science helps in innovation, creativity and effective problem solving.

Discussion Forum :Interdisciplinary discussion forums to understand the academic needs of students and provide cognitively effective solutions to those needs are periodically conducted. It also conducts discussion forums with experts to decide upcoming work scope of the center.

CogSci Showcase :The showcase is a pack of 5 different hands-on experiences (activities) themed around the notion of ‘neuroplasticity’ - one of the most fundamental biological properties of the brain.

Awareness Program : Awareness programs are organized, time to time, inside the campus and nearby community to make individuals aware of the field and its application in daily life.

News Letter : A quarterly newsletter informing the activities and advances in the field of cognitive science as well as departmental activities is being published.

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