Why CogSci?

Cognitive Science is the study of the mind and helps us to understand the processes involved in representing and retrieving knowledge and its implications. This interdisciplinary field combines ideas and methods from psychology, computer science, linguistics, philosophy, education and neuroscience. Research in cognitive science has a broad scope and application in the field of technology creation, development and implementation, education, health, and social behavior.

Most products/services address human needs. To create human friendly products, services and systems, engineers must learn to apply cognitive science in their discovery journey. An understanding will result in products with better utility, innovation and value.

What we do?

The Center for Creative Cognition, a unique center in India, is dedicated towards redefining education and research in the field of applied Cognitive Science. The center aims at promoting the understanding of cognition and designing and developing human centered innovations. The center boasts of stimulating teaching-learning environment to cater to the needs of engineering students by being interdisciplinary in nature. The center aspires to be an incubator for promoting and exploring new researches in cognitive science.

The center also takes pride in providing the facility of assessment of psychological attributes for counseling and guidance of the students to promote inclusive and harmonious mental wellbeing


To be a leader empowering engineering achievement through applied cognitive research


Empower learners to appreciate and apply cognition in their personal and professional life

Create critical and creative thinkers who will formulate innovations based on a human-centric engineering approach

Guide learners in discovering their cognitive strengths and weaknesses and reaching their full potential

Conduct multidisciplinary research and consultancy services

Impact the regional educational ecosystem by empowering educators with cognition

Thrust areas

The primary thrust areas of the center are –

Cognitive Assessment : The center is facilitating the assessment of the cognitive skills and personality of students. Discovering who they are, their purpose, strengths, weaknesses, and motivators can empower students to realize their full potential.

Teacher Training :   The center is leading an educational revolution in K-12 area in the state of Telangana by conducting teacher training. The training aims at enabling teachers to understand students, connect with them and empower them using cognitive science.

Cognitive Process in Design Thinking :   The center is researching the natural thought processes employed by designers in creative problem solving, identifying issues faced by them, and developing intervention strategies or tools to improve their innovativeness

Human Machine Interfaces :   The center is researching the cognitive processes involved in the use of the human-machine interfaces. The insights from this work can lead to the development of user-friendly products.

Cognitive Assessment :   The center is facilitating the assessment of cognitive skills and personality of students; discovering who they are, their purpose, strengths, weaknesses, and motivators can empower students to realize their full potential.

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