At NEST, we bring together students from diverse majors to build meaningful relationships and companies. The center provides tremendous opportunities to learn outside of the classroom through real-world application. Do you have an idea that could change the world? Whether it’s a new online pet rental service or the next cure for smelly feet, the NEST is here to help turn your idea into a company. Through a series of boot camps, workshops, and networking events, participants will get support to finish the program.

The NEST’s mantra is to “Live Your Passion!,” which means that we foster a culture where members are encouraged to seek out what they enjoy the most, and explore ways to turn their passions into ventures. Within the NEST, we run six different events and programs over the course of the semester. Our goal is to help our diverse cohort of SREC students discover their entrepreneurial drive by providing opportunities to build meaningful relationships and experiences outside of the classroom.

NEST is an alliance of student-led organizations that support venture incubation at SREC. There are currently six incubating companies with many more being designed and developed within colleges across campus. These student-led organizations work side-by-side with student, alumni, and faculty ventures, designing solutions to the real challenges that entrepreneurs face when starting companies.

What we do?

In the process of talent hunt, NEST conducts various competitions like Weekly Innovation Challenge, Tinker Camp, Ideation Camp, B-Spark, Pitchfest, Make ‘n’ Market.

NEST has some on-campus start-ups to its credit like Befend, VDesignU, Eatitsoon, Digitechtranics, Saverzz, Lightray Creations.