1. 1. Product Design Studio :

Product design studio primarily focuses on bringing an idea from the world of virtuality to real physical existence. The course incorporator dexterous tools and techniques where the students participate in order to develop their practical ability to develop real time applications. From their course the students gain ad enhance their skills to build models by using advanced tools like 3D printer and laser cutting machines. Students learn the concept of reverse engineering with hands on sessions.

S.No. Name of the Equipments
1Power tools for Carpentry work
2Tools for Tin smith Work
33-D printer
4Laser cutter
5Hot wire cutter
9Electrical Measuring tools


2. Mechanics of Solids & Metallurgy Lab

In this Lab students will familiarize the use of equipments to determine mechanical properties of materials to acquire the knowledge in Material Testing. Apply methods to determine Mechanical properties and Elastic Constants .Characterize the microstructures of different ferrous and non ferrous metals. Identify the effect of heat treatment and cooling rates on the properties of steels

S.No. Name of the Equipments
1Universal Testing Machine 40 ton Capacity
2Torsion Testing Machine 50kg Capacity
3 Rockwell Hardness Tester Model: RKWHT
4Impact Tester for Izod & Charpy Tests
5Deflection Testing Apparatus on simple beam
6Spring Testing Machine Model: STM 300
7Brinell Hardness Tester
8Metzer-M Binocular metallurgical microscope
9Metzer-M inverted Binocular metallurgical microscope
10Metzer-M Trinocular metallurgical microscope model
11Colour image capture system
11Geomet Single Disc Polisher
12Geomet Hydraulic Specimen Mounting Press
13Muffle furnace with Digital-Cum-Controller
14Jomminy Quench Hardness Tester with all accessories and Jomminy Spacimen
15Rockwell Hardness tester
16Micro Vickers Hardness Tester


3. Technical Sketching and Computer Aided Modeling

In this lab students will learn how to Draw two- dimensional sketches in CAD environment, Develop different views for any object in CAD environment. Prepare part drawings and create Assembly drawings by using Pro-E software

S.No. Name of the Equipments
1.Computer Systems
2.Autodesk Inventor Professional Software.


Production Technology lab encompasses Metal casting, Welding, Press working and processing of Plastics. It inculcates knowledge and skill to the students starting from preparing a wooden pattern to completion of a casting which also comprises different Sand testing techniques. Also, students can understand broadly Welding and press working skills employed in Industries. & analyze the different manufacturing process and their use in industry for component production

S.No. Name of the Equipments
1.ARC welding set, with accessories
2.Power Press
3.Hydraulic Press
4.Injection moulding machine
5.Blow moulding machine
6.Spot Welding Machine
7.Wood Turning Lathe
8.Fly Press
9.Plasma Welding Machine
10.TIG Welding Setup
11.Gas Welding setup
12.Brazing Setup
13.Green compression strength machine
14.Permeability tester

The lab is well-equipped and enables students to understand the basic construction of two stroke and four stroke diesel and petrol engines. In this lab students will Identify various types of engines and their parts, Sketch valve and port timing diagrams of any IC engine, calculate the performance parameters of 4 stroke engines, Estimate energy distribution by conducting heat balance test on IC engines &Compare the efficiencies of 4 stroke and 2 stroke engines

S.No. Name of the Equipments
1.Valve timing diagram of a 4-stroke Automobile engine.
2.I.C. Engines for Morse test.
3.I.C. Engine retardation test, single cylinder 4-stroke water cooled Diesel engine
4.Boiler Models
5.Reciprocating Compressor setup
6.Variable Compression Ratio Petrol Engines
7.Morse Test & Performance Study of multicylinder S.I. Engine
8.Three Cylinder Four stroke water cooled petrol engine

The lab is well-equipped and enables students to understand the fundamentals of fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines .In this lab students will Test the performance of turbines and pumps with different parameters and also calculate coefficient of discharges and find the losses in Pipelines.

S.No. Name of the Equipments
1.Calibration of Venturimeter & Orifice meter
2.Determination of friction factor of a pipe.
3.Determination of Coefficient for minor losses.
4.Verification of Bernoulli’s equation.
5.Impact of jet on vanes
6.Performance test on Pelton wheel turbine
7.Performance test on Francis turbine.
8.Performance characteristics of a single stage/ multi-stage centrifugal pump.
9.Performance characteristics of a reciprocating pump.

The machine shop is well equipped with all kinds of Machines and Metrology equipment for learning about various machining processes and measuring procedures. In this lab students will Operate lathe, milling machines, drill press, grinding machines etc , and Examine limits, fits and tolerances of various automobile assembly parts.

S.No. Name of the Equipments
1.Lathe machines
2.Universal milling machine
3.Shaping machines
4.Slotting machines
5.Radial drilling machines
6.Surface Grinding machines
7.Cylindrical Grinding Machines
8.Center less Grinders
9.Tool & cutter grinders
10Lathe tool dynamometers
11Dial indicators
12Vernier calipers
14Vernier bevel protractors
15Sine Bars

In Production drawing Practice students will to prepare the production drawing of each component on a separate sheet they will furnishes all dimensions, limits and special finishing processes such as heat treatment, grinding, etc., in addition to the material used.

IN CAE Lab students will do finite element analysis, ranging from a simple, linear, static analysis to a complex, nonlinear, transient dynamic analysis. In ANSYS analysis students will build the model. & apply loads and obtain the solution

S.No. Name of the Equipments
1.Drawing Tables
3.Ansys Academic Teaching Introductory Software Ver.16.0 CFX Fluent

The department has an exclusive CAD / CAM laboratory which provides the students to learn how to Draw the part drawings which are utilized in real time applications,Analyze 2D and 3D part drawings using AutoCAD, Pro-E software packages. In this lab students will Develop and understand the NC part program generation by using CADEM packages, Calculate deflection and stresses in 2D and 3D tresses and beams & Study the Machining of simple components on NC lathes from CAM package

S.No. Name of the Equipments
2.Ansys Academic Teaching Introductory Software Ver.16.0 CFX Fluent
4.Auto CAD
5.CAM Packages
6.CNC Machines

The lab is well-equipped with calibrated equipment .Heat Transfer laboratory provides fundamental and industrial knowledge about modes of heat transfer, like conduction, convection and radiation, and their application. In this lab Students will formulate the steady & unsteady heat transfer rate for different co-ordinate systems, evaluate the heat transfer for various systems & Develop a system by considering the heat transfer.

S.No. Name of the Equipments
1.Thermal Conductivity of Metal Rod
2.Stefan Boltzman apparatus
3.Heat transfer through composite wall apparatus
4.Lagged pipe
5.Forced convection apparatus
6.Natural convection apparatus
7.Thermal Conductivity of insulation powder
8.Parallel flow/counter flow heat exchanger
9.Apparatus for determination of Emissivity
10Pin-Fin Apparatus
11Heat pipe demonstrator
12Critical Heat flux apparatus
13Unsteady State Heat Transfer/Transient Heat Transfer
14Condensation in drop wise & Film wise
15Two phase Heat transfer Apparatus

Advanced CAD/CAM Lab

Advanced CAD/CAM lab is a Combined Instructional & Research Facility. This lab is Equipped with Advanced CAD and CAM software’s

S.No. Name of the Equipments
3.Auto CAD
4.CAM Packages
5.CNC Machines
7.ROBICS-RCS-6,Universal Robotic Trainer Kit
8.Basic Mechatronics Learning Resources Package.

Manufacturing Systems Simulation Modeling & Analysis Lab

In this lab students will learn Computer Based Modeling of real production systems, By Modeling and simulating the real Production systems students will find the optimum solutions about Inventory, transportation and Layout design.

Software’s Available: Flexsim

Vicker hardness tester

Rapid Prototype

Lazer Cutting Machine

Thermo magnetic heat flux electronic device