S.No. Name of the Journal National/International
1International Journal of Neural Networks and ApplicationsInternational
2International Journal of Information Technology and Database Systems (IJITDAS)International
3International Journal of Computer Sciences, Systems Engineering and Information Technology International
4International Journal of Computer Engineering and Software TechnologyInternational
5International Journal of Advances in Software EngineeringInternational
6The IUP Journal of Information TechnologyNational
7The IUP Journal of Computer SciencesNational
8Journal on Software Engineering (JSE)National
9Journal on Future Engineering & Technology (JFET)National
10Journal on Computer Science (JCOM)National
11Journal of Software Project Management and Quality AssuranceNational
12Journal of Computer ScienceNational
13Journal of Analysis and ComputationNational
14Journal of Advanced Research in Computer EngineeringNational
15Indian Journal of Computer ScienceNational
16Indian Journal of Computer Networking & Modern TechniqueNational