S.No Workshops /FDPs/Guest Lecturers/ Student Activities (TITTLE) Date Resource personOrganizers
1Quiz (Cyber Punks Activity)25/6/2016J.Bhavana A.& HarshaVardhanJ.Bhavana & A.Harshavardan
2Guest lecture on "Big Data"2/7/2016Dinan Biswas Software Engineer ATMECS, Hyderabad
E:Mail:dinanch.biswas@gmail.com, phone: 9030202296
J.Bhavana A.& HarshaVardhan
3Seminar on Higher Education16/7/2016Oversis EducationDept of CSE
4Research methodology20/7/2016NIT, WarangalDean, R&D
5Power Point presentation (Cyber Punks Activity")23/7/2016J.Bhavana &A.Harsha vardhan J.Bhavana & A.Harshavardan
6Aptitude Test(Cyber Punks Activity)6/8/2016J.Bhavana &A.Harsha vardhanJ.Bhavana & A.Harshavardan
7Research issues, Future trends and patentable areas in cloud computing (sponsored by Depart ment of science and technology) -SERB, Govt. of India 12th & 13th August 2016Kumar Gaurav , Manager Magma research & consultancy, HaryanaDr. R.Vijayaprakash.
8Internet of Things and Analytics20/8/2016Vijay Gunti, Digital Enterprise Services - SAP, Smart Grid, IoT, Big Data, Analytics, Mobile and Cloud Consulting, Hitech City, Hyderabad, India A.Harshavardan & P.Kumaraswamy
9Latest Trends in Technology27/8/2016 Sadhu B. Shobab, Senior software engineer, Simens, Banglore A.Harshavardan
10RSPAC-201628/9/2016Under IEEE-CS Professional Membership A.Harshavardan
11Nipunik29/9/2016Under Technotrendz- Technical EventMr. P. Pramod Kumar & Mr. V. Thirupathi
12IIEECP (IUCEE Certification programme)14th to 16thNovember-2016Mr. Shiva Kumar Krishnan,Co-founder and Chief Product officer, IUCEE Dean Academics
13Coding ClubEvery Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday (4:00 pm - 5:00 pm)T.Sampath Kumar & K. Sangameshwar T.Sampath Kumar & K. sangameshwar
S.No Organizing Society Event Date
1 Science & Engineering Research Board.Dept of Science & Technology,Government of India A two day National Workshop on Research Issues, Future Trends and Patentable Areas in Cloud Computing 12th & 13th August, 2016
S.NO Organizing SocietyEvent Date
1 ISTE, SREC Chapter Faculty attended IUCEE Sponsored Webinar on “Outcome Based Education” 24th,25th  & 28thJuly 2014
2 EPICS Committee Seminar by Prof. Oaks, Purdue University for students participating in EPICS 6th August 2014
3 EEE Department Association Inaugural of “CSE Department Association” for the academic year2014-2015. 6th August 2014
4 ISTE, SREC Chapter Students of CSE Department have participated in Project Exhibition “AVISHKAR 2014” 7th August 2014
5 Citizen for forces team, SREC Seminar on “Patriotism” by Mr. Anil Sharma (Retd. Major general) 8th August 2014
6 CSE Department Association “Teacher’s Day Celebration” 5th September 2014
7 JKC a two day workshop on “Cloud Computing” 12th and 13thSeptember 2014
8 CSE Promotion of Research in Excellence BY Dr chall Narasimham HOD CSE 15th September 2014
9 E-Swecha “one day work shop on linux internals and Network Administration ” by Anjani kumar 29 th sep tember 2014
10 CSE Seminar by Dr S P Anandaraj 17th October 2014
S.NO Organizing SocietyEvent Date
1 Collabarion with CISCO Two-Days Workshop on Networking in  Organization / Institution  03rd and 4 th feb2014 
2 IBM Worklights  One day work shop on TGMC Technical Workshop for III yr CSE  6th march 2014
3 CSE Students of CSE Department have participated in Techniacal QUIZ 5 th July 2013
4 CSE Students of CSE Department have participated in Independence celebrations. 15 Aug 2013
5 CSE TechHunt 2013 12th and 13th Aug-2013 
6 CSE Students of CSE Department have participated in “Teachers Day Celebarations” 5th Sep 2013
7 NNSC Students of CSE Department have participated in National Network Championship(NNSC) 20th and 21st Sep-2013 
8 Cisco A Two Day National Level Workshop on ANDROID APPLICATION Development 27th & 28th December,2013
S.NO Organizing SocietyEvent Date
1 CSE Dept Classle NPTEL Workshop 11th & 12th  Feb-2013
2 Microsoft “Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certification  – Windows Phone Apps Development” 18th to 22nd February, 2013
3 CSE Students of CSE Department have participated in Project Exhibition “Programming Skills” 3 rd march 2013
4 CSE Seminar on “Present Trendz” byMr. Pramod Kumar 24th march 2013
5 ISTE, SREC Chapter One day workshop on “Innovative Teaching Methodology” Dr. Sridhar Condoor, Saint Louis University, USA 25th July 2012
6 ISTE, SREC Chapter Two day workshop on “Research Orientation” by  Dr. Muthuswamy Bharadwaj, University of California, USA 13th August 2012 to14th August 2012
7 CSE Dept. Assoc. “Teacher’s Day Celebration” 5th September 2012
8 CISCO One Week training program on “Windows 8 Apps Development Training” 3rd to 8th  Sep,2012
9 IEEE-SREC Student Branch A Regional level workshop R-SPAC-12 (Regional Students Professional Awareness Congress) and IEEE WiE Zonal Congress was organized as a part 19th October 2012 to20th October 2012
S.NO Organizing SocietyEvent Date
1 ISTE – SREC Student Branch TECHNOTRENDZ ’12 :One day National level Technical Symposium, for students of various engineering colleges 30th & 31stMar., 2012
2 CSE Faculty A. Two Days Workshop on “WEKA-A DataMining Tool 29th – 30th June, 2012
3 IBM Three Day Workshop and certification on “IBM DB2” 14th-16th July,2011
4 CSI Industry Institute Interaction Programme 19th August, 2011
5 ISTE – SREC Student Branch ELECTROSPARX ’11 :One day National level Technical Symposium. For students of various engineering colleges 20th Mar., 2011
6. ISTE – SREC Student Branch One-day Seminar on Patent Based Projects by Prof. C. Kameshwar Rao, SNIST, Ghatkesar, Hyderabad  12th May, 2011
7 CSE “Three Day Workshop on  Latex”  for IV yr CSE and Faculty 05th – 07th  Sep ,2011
8 CSE Students participated in “Teachers  Day “ 5th Sep 2011
9 CSE A training class on “C Language” 31st October, 2011 to 2nd November, 2011
10 ACM Student Assocoation “The Contemporary Computing Disciplines a Graduate in Computing must know” 9th Novembert, 2011